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How to Choose the Right Shipping Company

Choosing the best shipping company can affect your business in the right way. A good shipping company like 15track will access all locations, either domestic or international, at reasonable rates. You should get the best user experience from a perfect courier company. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a shipping company:

Tracking Process

shipping goodsMost shipping companies provide a way you can be able to track your shipment. You are given a code that you use to track on their website. You know exactly where your goods are and when they will get to their destination. In case of a logistics delay, you are notified. 

This gives comfort and trust, knowing your products are in good hands. It gives you a sense of control, which is important. Make sure your shipping company has tracking procedures and easy to follow. They should provide you with the required documents to track the shipment.

Special Goods

Special goods such as chemicals, lab equipment, and gas require special handling. Some shipping companies have a policy that does not allow them to transport such packages. 

Others can transport but with additional charges. Search for a company that can accommodate every type of goods and discusses the charges and safety.

Shipping Destination

Do not assume that all shipping companies can transport your products to your desired location. Domestic shipping prices are usually very affordable compared to international prices. 

Make sure you ask about the global prices of every location. If you are making more international sales, you might consider a big shipping company to avoid inconveniences.

Insurance Options

We are living in times in which every asset needs to be insured. It is important to choose a company that will provide an insurance policy for your goods. Doing domestic deliveries, there are places which are known to be dangerous. You cannot risk transporting your goods without insurance. 

Talk to your shipping company to have insurance in case of theft. International locations can also be dangerous, and many things can happen to your packages, do not assume your package is safe. Some packages can get damaged along the way, especially if you’re shipping fragile products such as glass.

shipping goods

Size of Parcel

If you are shipping smaller boxes, you will be charged less. Medium boxes will have different charges. It will also depend on the volume of the boxes. 

There are shipping companies that specifically deal with smaller packages, and others deal with all sizes. Find a shipping company that will accommodate your package regardless of the size.

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How to Pick CBD Products for Your Dog

CBD offers the same health benefits to dogs as to humans. However, before purchasing CBD, it is best to consider certain factors for your dog’s safety.

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying CBD for your dog:

Consider the Source Plant

CBD from hemp has less THC. Medical experts recommend hemp-based CBD as it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is responsible for the ‘high’ element experienced after taking marijuana. Unlike humans, dogs are sensitive and react strongly to THC, it may be dangerous to the canine.

Research and Check Reviews

check reviewsThere are over 100 pet relief CBD oil supplies in the market today. Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate CBD oils, so you have to do your research correctly. Look for companies that have excellent reviews for supplying genuine and safe pet products. Look out for the lab reports on the product labels.

If a company does not avail lab reports to the public, that is a red flag. Also, check to certify the results on the CBD quantity and contaminants, if any. Check also for reviews by genuine customers and other pet owners because it is likely to shed light on the company.

Choose Full-Spectrum Over CBD Isolate

Full-spectrum CBD oil has more cannabidiol and terpenes, naturally found in hemp. CBD isolate contains CBD only. Using full-spectrum over isolate CBD ensures your dog enjoys more benefits due to the comprehensive combination of the many cannabinoids found in hemp.

Buy Certified CBD Products

check reviewsCBD oil usage has gained popularity over the past years. With this popularity, some manufactures may ignore specific standards and regulations to meet market demand. The market has a plethora of low-quality CBD supplies. Due to that, it would be essential to ensure you buy certified CBD products only.

Check the Country of Origin

Not all countries have legalized the growing of cannabis plants. Therefore, it is best to buy CBD grown in countries where it is legalized as they are likely to observe the set growing standard of CBD. For example, CBD produced in the U.S and other countries would be the best.

Consult Your Veterinarian

It is safe to consult with your vet before administering any form of treatment or supplements. The vet will advise on the best CBD and possible allergies, weight, and age of the dog, and how much is best administered.