The Values Boys Need to Learn to Grow into Good Men

Primarily, a man’s role is to protect, provide, and maintain a healthy relationship with his family. These roles, however, demand character development. More than just being there, transforming a boy into a responsible man involves conscious mentorship, training, and connections that bring about the desire and skills necessary to become the best version of himself. Understanding the key principles that define a great man and teaching the young boys lays a good foundation.

Are you wondering how you can make your son feel special? Celebrating the national sons day with him will make him feel honored and loved. Let us look at some qualities you should instill in your boys so they can grow into good men.


perseveranceIn the face of adversity, endurance gives rise to greatness. Most valuable things do not come easily. For boys to succeed in difficult situations in the future, they must learn to persevere adverse conditions. For mothers, this is the hardest virtue to teach boys. It involves too much resistance against protecting their sons from struggles.

Self-Control and Discipline

self-control and disciplineThough inextricably linked, self-control and self-discipline are different. Self-discipline is doing something you don’t want to do but should do, but self-control is doing something you want but should not. Lacking one or both can be overwhelming to most men and ruin more lives than the lack of other traits. Lack of Self-control and self-discipline can lead to various vices like irresponsible sexual relationships, drug abuse, and others– all of which ruin families and bring about suicidal thoughts. So, how do you make your son nurture these traits? It is simple; make sure he is accountable for his actions.


In response to what is happening around them, most men live life to the fullest. Responsibility entails making choices on a key-value basis before a situation arises. It is important to educate your boys about schedule and time management as well as planning and preparation. Through the impact of forethought and planning, necessary masculinity skills develop.


courageIn times of pain, grief, or adverse consequences, train your son to carry on boldly and stand firm for his beliefs. Since one day he will be the head of his own family and making tough decisions will be part of his everyday life, you don’t want him leading in cowardice.Even when everyone around him is calling for compromise, your son should have the courage to stand up for what’s right and believe in himself amid criticism.