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What to Consider Before Buying a Battery Chainsaw

If you have been contemplating doing some serious DIYs like tree trimming, limbing or cutting small pieces of firewood for barbeque, then choosing the right battery chainsaw is the best decision you ever made. These light but efficient machinery provide any homeowner with numerous possibilities. But you may not have the right information to help you purchase one. Here are some clues to assist you as you check different battery chainsaw reviews.



Before looking for all other specs, knowing which brand to pick should be the first choice. Check for online reviews. Also, ask friends about their opinion on the available brands of battery chainsaws once you have decided which brand is best suited for you, its time to check the rest of the checklist.


Length of the Guide Bar

The guide bar guides the cutting chain during the sawing process. The length of the guide bar is the perfect pointer to the kind of work the saw can do best. Chainsaws with longer guide bars are capable of doing more complex work compared with those that have a shorter one. If you don’t know the length of the guide bar, the length of the cutting chain should guide you.


chainsawBattery Size and Power

Different battery chainsaws have different battery sizes. Larger batteries give you more run-time than small ones. Get a battery with higher voltage. This ensures that you have enough cutting power. As you look at the review, consider the kind of operation you will be undertaking. Smaller voltage batteries are suitable when your outdoor work is not tasking. Stronger tasks require that you go for higher voltage. This will last you long and exert enough power on the task at hand.



One of the most common safety hazards with chainsaws is the kickback. Apart from wearing the right safety gear, you should look and see that your battery chainsaw has the protective pieces to prevent kickback. You can also reduce kickback by avoiding cutting two pieces of wood at a go, not using the pointer of the chainsaw to cut wood, sharpening the saw well, cutting with full power and ensuring that the safety devices and anti-lock chain is right.


Safety Features

It is wise to consider which safety features come with your chainsaw. Some of the common ones include throttle triggers, safe chains, chain brakes, narrow guide bar lengths, and vibration-reducing type of design. These features help to stop unwanted start of the chainsaw, kickbacks, and handle vibration for better operations. Take time and check for these features before buying. Your safety is more important.


Your Muscle Strength

After ensuring that the battery chainsaw has the features mentioned above, don’t overlook the fact that you are the one who handles it. You should be fit enough to handle it. Once you start using it, you should have the capacity to control its movements. Remember, its a dangerous equipment.


Bottom Line

Different brands have different output and come in different designs. It is important to take time when you are going through battery chainsaw reviews to ensure you have the right piece with you before setting out to buy it.


Battery Circular Cordless Saw Reviews

While looking at the list of your work tools, a battery circular saw shouldn’t miss out. These pieces offer you a 10 to 20-year service, and it is wise to you choose the right piece that fits your need. But what makes for the perfect tool? The following tips should serve as a guide any time you go through various reviews of battery chainsaw reviews.

Blade Size and Purpose

The most preferred blade is the 7.25 -inch size blade. It can cut into materials of the 3-inch thickness or even more. This doesn’t mean that smaller blades won’t work well. When selecting a blade, focus on specific cuts you purpose to make. Your new saw comes with an all-purpose carbide-tipped blade. It’s all you need for your woodwork. Even so, you can buy a blade for cutting into metal, concrete, or even tiles. For cleaner cuts, consider buying a blade that has extra teeth.


sawBevels and Cutting Depth

The depth you cut depends on the size of the saw’s blade, which for most circular ones is 165mm. Besides, the type of blade matters, as it dictates the final quality of the finished work. Pay close attention to it. It is necessary to consider how deep a blade goes at 0º. For flat surface works, consider the maximum depth attainable by the saw. Also, check for how deep it can go at 45º for the bevel cuts. Nevertheless, different manufacturers offer different capabilities for depths and bevels. Ensure that you get the best fit for your job.


The power of circular cordless saws is written in volts. It is the measure of cutting power a particular saw possesses — the more the voltage, the greater the cutting power. If you have a knack for more operational power, then look for more voltage when making the purchase.


An 18v battery is perfect for your circular saw as it offers enough operational power. These are light enough, allowing for the portability of the saw. Ensure that you have an extra batt that can charge as you work. Besides, get a fast charger to load your batt in the least time possible. This ensures that you operate with enough run-time power.

Control and Speed

Put, more speed offers greater control over the cuts you are making. Different cuts need different speed. As such, some saws come with speed regulators to help you control the speed you need when making different cuts. Most saws attain anything between 5000-5500 rpm maximum cutting speeds. Consider thus how much speed your circular saw can achieve.

Other Great Features

For the sake of operational safety and better functionality, circular saws could have spindle locks, safety locks, electric brakes, overload protection, laser guides, and bevel cut capacities. After looking for the qualities discussed above, these extra features make a great bonus.

Bottom Line

When looking for which battery circular cordless saw to purchase, consider the blade’s size and quality, the power, cutting depth, battery capacity and additional features. These will ensure you end up with a fine tool for the next one or two decades.u


All About Marine Welding Fabricators

Metal fabrication companies had come a long way from the time when most of the welding was done by hand. Welding fabricators today make use of high tech machines to create an astounding array of products that can be custom made to suit various requirements.

The technology for working with metal has improved so much that it is very easy for fabrication companies to offer customers products of the highest quality. The other major development has been that projects can be completed in the shortest possible time without sacrificing precision for speed. Let us have a look at the latest technology used by marine welding fabricators.


Use of Computers

Computers are used in the design stage because this is the quickest way of getting a design for the product.

All fabrication companies now employ designers who are trained in computer-aided design (CAD) so that they can undertake the most complex fabrication projects if required. These designers are well versed in other software that helps in computer modeling.

Laser Technology

The latest welding fabricators make use of laser technology to provide customers with work of the highest accuracy. Laser technology is the best way to get precision cutting of all types of metals whether they are aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, or any other kind of metal.

Lasers enable marine welding fabricators to undertake a lot of orders of varying degrees of complexity because they can execute them very quickly, thereby having a higher turnover.

Plasma Technology

Welding fabricators use plasma to cut a variety of metal alloys. These machines work on the principle of air undergoing ionic changes once it is heated to extremely high temperatures to reach the fourth state of matter called plasma. Plasma is a very cost-effective method of cutting metal. The quality of the finished product it offers is very good too.

Powerful & Quality Machines

The kind of machines that the best welding fabricators use are all equipped with components of very superior quality. The machining parts necessarily have high welding abilities at different speeds.


Inferior quality machines cannot offer precise welding at very low speeds. In fact, the best machines provide maximum resistance towards mechanical deflection. These machines also consume very little power, which makes them preferable to old-fashioned equipment.

Choosing the Right Marine Welding Fabricators

Welding fabricators need to have the right experience AS to provide clients with the desired results.  Selecting the right welding fabricators is, therefore, a task that has to be done with a lot of care. You need to have the ability to choose the right company that has experience in production management so that it can satisfy your specific needs when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. The welding services they offer should be customized to your needs too.